Wednesday April 15 2020
Commisso: 'Chiesa and Castrovilli staying'

President Rocco Commisso assures Federico Chiesa and Gaetano Castrovilli want to stay because “they can see the situation has changed at Fiorentina.”

The Italy internationals are hot property on the transfer market, with Inter, Juventus, Napoli and Milan, not to mention clubs all over Europe, ready to enter the €50m bidding war.

“I said that I only want players who want to remain here,” President Commisso told Top Calcio 24 television.

“Castrovilli has a long contract and he will certainly remain here. As for Chiesa, I kept him this season, but he wants to stay and we will do everything necessary to make him happy.

“The situation has changed at Fiorentina, that is clear for all to see, and that includes Chiesa. We want to build an even stronger squad and it’ll be great if all the best players are part of it.”

It has been suggested one benefit from the coronavirus chaos in football will be the loosening of red tape and laws that currently hold back the construction of new stadiums in Italy.

“Since I arrived, I have invested a great deal both in the squad and building a training ground,” continued Commisso.

“The situation is very different in Italy, where most of them are very old, around 70 years old. It’s important that politicians help us with laws that allow for investments like mine.”