Saturday April 18 2020
Zanetti: 'Baggio greater than Ronaldo'

Javier Zanetti reveals the best player he ever worked with at Inter was not Ronaldo, but Roberto Baggio. “He had the ideal balance between quality and passion.”

The Nerazzurri and Argentina legend was interviewed by former teammate Esteban Cambiasso on Instagram Live, so was asked about his greatest companions.

“When Ronaldo arrived from Barcelona, he was just incredible, but if I had to say one name, it’d be Roberto Baggio. He had the ideal balance between quality and passion,” replied Zanetti.

“I hold great admiration for Baggio, just as everyone always has done.”

The Divine Ponytail wore the Inter jersey from 1998 to 2000, before concluding his career at Brescia.

Zanetti also talked about his own retirement, which came in 2014 just before his 41st birthday.

“I wanted to decide when to stop and it had to happen when I was still in good shape. I didn’t want people’s last memories of me to be bad ones.

“When I tore my Achilles and got back on the pitch, you all embraced me in the dressing room. I realised there that I could’ve continued, but it was perhaps better to stop at the end of the season.”

El Tractor remains at Inter as their vice-president.