Tuesday April 28 2020
La Liga could play from June 5

The Spanish Government announced an easing of coronavirus pandemic response measures, so La Liga players can resume training from May 4, with potentially games after June 5.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez held a press conference this evening, in which he outlined the ‘Plan for the Transition Toward a New Normality.’

He noted the easing of lockdown measures would be “gradual, asymmetrical according to regions and co-ordinated,” so the areas with lower number of deaths and positive cases will be able to get back to normal sooner.

There have been so far 23,822 deaths in Spain from COVID-19, compared to 27,359 in Italy.

Unlike the Italian version, their players will be allowed to train in centres from May 4, but still maintain social distancing measures.

They can then unite to train in small groups of six from May 18, expanded to eight for May 25.

It’s predicted they can train as a full team from June 1 with games behind closed doors from June 5 or at most June 12.

This is practically the treatment that Italian football is asking for, but so far the situation has not been entirely clarified.

The gradual phasing is more detailed than the one proposed by Italy yesterday, with initially take-away restaurants allowed to open along with partial reopening of small businesses and religious sites with a limit of 30 per cent capacity from mid-May.

In the phase from circa June 2, dining areas could open, along with some schools and “cultural events with fewer than 50 people in interior spaces, or open-air events with 400 people or fewer, and they will have to be seated.”

In theory, this could well include fans in football stadiums if they are spread out along the stands.

“By the end of June, as a country we will be in the new normality if the evolution of the epidemic is under control in all territories.”