Tuesday May 5 2020
Lakovic: 'UEFA has alternatives ready'

National Association director Zoran Lakovic has revealed that UEFA has ‘other alternatives ready’ in case the hypothesis of concluding the campaign in August won’t be possible.

The plan is to resume the European Cups as soon as the national championships have been completed and director Lakovic has reiterated UEFA’s stance, but reassured that it has other alternatives in case of complications.

“We are monitoring the health situation in Europe, which UEFA is perfectly aware of,” he told Serbian newspaper Blic. “We have a series of scenarios on how to continue the Champions League and the Europa League.

“The current scenario, whish we have revealed to all the federations and clubs, is that the competitions continue in August, with the Finals scheduled for the end of the month.

“That’s still valid and a scenario we are working on. We hope that this hypothesis will not change, but in that case, we have some alternatives ready. The goal is to complete the season.”