Thursday May 7 2020
Serie C: Bari to sue if Carpi promoted

Bari President Luigi De Laurentiis has already threatened to sue if Carpi are given the fourth and final promotion spot from Serie C into Serie B.

The Serie C meeting today reached a unanimous agreement that the 2019-20 season cannot be completed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The proposal that will be put forward to the FIGC includes a block on relegation, with the three regional group winners – Monza, Vicenza and Reggina – promoted into Serie B.

As for the fourth promotion place, that is usually assigned at the end of play-offs, but in this case the push is to decide on ‘sporting merit.’

That would be calculating the points per game average to work out a final position, which would promote Carpi.

Bari are furious, as they feel hard done by in this scenario.

When the season was suspended, Bari had 60 points with 30 games played in Serie C1-C, whereas Reggio Audace have 55 points from 27 games in Serie C-A and Carpi are third with 53 points from 26 games in Serie C1-A.

By calculating their average points per game and using those to complete the fixture list, Carpi would come out on top ahead of both Bari and Reggio Audace.

Inevitably, Bari have already released a statement via President Luigi De Laurentiis – the son of Napoli patron Aurelio De Laurentiis – pledging to take legal action against the decision.

They consider it ‘unacceptable’ to decide promotion on the criteria of average points per game, seeing as they haven’t all played the same number of matches.

Bari are one of several Serie C clubs who still want to stage play-offs for promotion into Serie B.