Friday May 8 2020
Report: New Milan stadium for 2024

Milan and Inter are reportedly only formalities away from starting the new stadium project, planning to have it done by 2024. The choice of design will take place this summer.

The two clubs presented the Municipality with revised plans for the construction and within a month and a half, La Gazzetta dello Sport claims the green light to set the project in motion should arrive.

Suning and Elliott have allegedly agreed to invest more than €1.2bn to build a new stadium from scratch, including a sports and leisure centre, and are negotiating to restructure the current Giuseppe Meazza but keep parts of the historic stadium.

The newspaper claims the two clubs ‘have already been given the go ahead for 90,000 square metres but are asking for twice as much to add shops, cinemas and restaurants to the new complex.

A more functional, modern, and immediately profitable stadium will, according to the plan, be opened in 2024.

And as soon as you can play on the new ground, the second phase of the project will begin – the rebuilding of San Siro.

The two different designs up for election are the Cathedral and the Rings og Milan, and Gazzetta dello Sport writes that the two clubs will agree on the new look in the next months. Take a look at the proposed plans for the new ground in Milan.