Saturday May 16 2020
Chiellini: 'I'm not a hypocrite'

Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini insists he is not a hypocrite for his criticism of Mario Balotelli and Felipe Melo. “I wrote things that were already known...”

Chiellini’s character has come under scrutiny for the comments he made about the pair in his new autobiography, ‘Io, Giorgio’, but the defender maintains he was only being ‘real’.

“I’ve written a book, I’ve taken on these responsibilities. I wanted to leave a mark,” he told Christian Vieri on Instagram.

“I wanted to show how much Giorgio had seen, with his strengths and weaknesses, the real ‘me’.

“I’m not one to hold grudges, but writing as if it was all sunshine and rainbows seemed fake and hypocritical to me.

“I wrote things that were already known and had already been addressed, I didn’t hide away.”

Having already made up with the Brescia striker, the 35-year-old then spoke of how he had been ‘positively surprised’ by his Italy teammate.

“I was positively surprised by Mario’s accountability, which shows he’s a smart guy. I’d always greeted him calmly.

“Life goes on, he was very nice to me during the conversation with Le Iene. I’ve also been mentioned in other books and I never took offence.

“It’s part of the game. Time is the best clarifier of things.”