Saturday May 16 2020
Fiorentina medic: 'Fought for life with COVID-19'

Fiorentina chief medic Luca Pengue warns resuming football during a coronavirus pandemic is risky. ‘I am young, but ended up fighting for my life in a hospital bed.’

The Tuscans were hit very hard by COVID-19, as several players and members of staff became ill, including director of sport Daniele Pradè.

Club doctor Pengue was another who really struggled when he contracted the virus, which is why he has concerns about the season getting back on track.

“Those who went through this experience carry the scars that will only face with time,” Pengue told Rai Radio 1.

“It really was a nightmare. We are battling against an enemy we cannot see, which is why we must adopt every possible precautionary measure.

“Players are human beings too, just like us, so we cannot assume this will have no effect on them. For example, I am young, but ended up fighting for my life in a hospital bed. Nobody must under-estimate this situation.”

The medical protocol agreed by the Government and FIGC was rejected by the Serie A clubs and Players’ Association only 24 hours later, as the issue remains whether the entire squad goes into a 15-day quarantine or just the person who is infected.

“We are following the protocol we have been given to the letter,” continued Viola medic Pengue.

“The most recent six members of the club who tested positive are in good condition, they were asymptomatic and frankly shocked to test positive. We are obviously continuing to monitor them.

“It’s not just about protecting the health of these players, but also everyone who gravitates around them and this sport. We can follow norms that are restrictive, but feasible.”