Sunday May 17 2020
Lowest COVID-19 deaths since March 9

There were 145 deaths over the last 24 hours in Italy related to COVID-19, the lowest figure since March 9, but only 635 new cases and 2,366 made a full recovery.

The numbers of the pandemic continue to slow in the Peninsula, even after moving into Phase Two of the response, with lockdown measures eased.

The death toll since yesterday was 145 (compared to 153 on Saturday), taking the total since the crisis began on February 20 to 31,908.

New cases continue to slow as well, with 675 testing positive out of a total 60,101 swab tests.

That means only 1.1 per cent tested positive, a new low since the lockdown began.

Another 2,366 were given the all-clear, meaning the overall current active cases fell by 1,836 to 68,351.

The vast majority of those are self-isolating at home with minor symptoms (57,278), with 10,311 in hospital (-89) and 762 in intensive care (-13).

Lombardy remains the epicentre and the region that is responsible for half of all the deaths in the country related to COVID-19.

Over the last 24 hours, another 69 people died in Lombardy, taking the total there to 15,519.

Another 326 tested positive, but 13 left intensive care (leaving 255), with 823 making a full recovery.

For the first time since March 28, there are under 70,000 current active cases of coronavirus in Italy.

There were today two regions – Valle d’Aosta and Calabria – who registered no new positive tests at all.