Sunday May 17 2020
Government stands firm on quarantine

The latest Government decree has been released, but the Serie A clubs and Players’ Association are still unhappy with the forced quarantine for an entire squad in case of one positive COVID-19 test.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte presented the decree in last night’s press conference, but the precise wording was finalised and released this evening.

Although one of the problems was resolved – the club medics are now only considered liable in case of serious error or breach of the rules rather than simply if one of their players catches coronavirus – other issues remain.

The Government is continuing to demand that if one player or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the entire group has to go into an automatic 15-day quarantine.

The Lega Serie A and Players’ Association are pushing for Italy to adopt the German and Spanish model, which only isolates the positive case and performs blanket tests on the others.

As things stand, Serie A clubs are not prepared to begin group training sessions.

Many have stated that as of Monday May 18, they will begin training in small groups, but still avoiding any contact until the situation is resolved.

They fear that the Serie A season could begin again from June 13 only to shut down again immediately if there is one positive case.