Monday May 18 2020
Pozzo: 'Bundesliga return a failure'

Udinese owner Giampaolo Pozzo has accused the Bundesliga of ‘starting off in the worst possible way’ and ‘marketing it as a success’.

The Bundesliga became the first major European league to resume at the weekend, with much of the football world tuning in and upholding the Germans as the example to follow.

However, Pozzo pointed to ‘eight injuries in the first six games’ as a reason why it should not have come back so soon.

“They started off in the worst possible way, despite having marketed it as a success,” he told Radio Sportiva.

“What was expected in terms of injuries happened. There were eight in the first six games.

“It’s proof that if you don’t prepare properly, you pay the price. This is all with one game a week, when we should make two, so it would take a squad of 30 players to get to the end of the season, just to cushion all the blows.”

The 78-year-old recently wrote a letter criticising Serie A’s provisional date of June 13 to restart the season.

“I’m sorry there have been several misunderstandings. We’ve always assisted the Lega with the utmost collaboration and mutual respect in my 35 years.

“It all started with the doors closed against Fiorentina, who had many positive tests at the time. We also went into mandatory quarantine.

“Our doctors went down the rabbit hole because there was no legislation that clarified their responsibility.

“To reassure my workers, the doctors and directors, myself excluded, I felt the duty to send a letter to [Vincenzo] Spadafora.

“This doesn’t mean we don’t want to play, but we don’t agree with playing again on June 13.

“I think it’s an insult to our intelligence. After two-and-a-half months of non-training at home, players need more time, at least a month, to get back into shape and feel assured.

“Competitive workouts can’t be done at home.”