Friday May 22 2020
'Simoni denied a deserved Scudetto'

Massimo Moratti has paid tribute to former Inter boss Luigi Simoni, who was ‘prevented from winning a title he absolutely deserved’ in 1998.

Simoni died earlier today at the age of 81 and is best known for coaching Inter during the 1997-98 campaign, helping Ronaldo score 34 goals and winning the UEFA Cup.

However, Moratti reiterated the coach should have a Scudetto to his name, referring to the penalty incident against Juventus when the two sides faced off that season.

“He was a great leader in Inter’s history,” the club’s owner at the time told ANSA.

“He won us a very important European trophy and was prevented from winning a title he absolutely deserved.

“He was a gentlemanly coach, for whom I had great esteem and affection.

“The phone call from his wife warning me of his death a little while ago caused me immense pain.”