Friday May 22 2020
Ancelotti: 'More fun in England'

Carlo Ancelotti has claimed that England is ‘more enjoyable’ and has ‘less pressure’ than Italy and that leaving Milan for Chelsea ‘was not difficult’.

Ancelotti ended almost a decade away from the Premier League in December 2019 when he was named Everton’s coach, a month after his messy divorce from Napoli.

“It is more enjoyable [managing in the Premier League], definitely,” he told Sky Sports.

“There is less pressure here from the supporters and the atmosphere is better in England.

“I came back to Italy after nine years and it didn’t change a lot, the pressure is the same and with the supporters, there is a lot of violence.

“Italian football is trying to change but it is not easy to change the culture of a country where unfortunately there is still violence and assault.

“Here in England, the people in the stadium, and I’m talking about only in the stadium, are more respectful.

“First of all I wanted to come back to Italy [after leaving Bayern]. I had an experience at Napoli and it was a good experience there but if I had to choose a league, I wanted to come back to the Premier League for the atmosphere you feel here and the atmosphere the Premier League has.

“The fact I had the opportunity to come to Everton was really important. Everton is a club with a fantastic history, fantastic tradition and they have a goal to be at the top.

“We are trying to, if we are able after the COVID [shutdown], we will try to do our best.”

The 60-year-old won two Champions Leagues with Milan, so why did he move to Chelsea in the summer of 2009?

“I think it was the right decision from both sides [when deciding to leave for Chelsea]. It was not so difficult because after eight years, I needed to change and at the same time, maybe the club needed to change so we decided to together.

“It was the right time to decide, I wanted to have a new experience outside of Italy so I had the opportunity to go to Chelsea. But it was a good decision, it was not difficult to choose.”

Carletto led the Blues to their first-ever domestic double of the Premier League and FA Cup in his first season.