Wednesday May 27 2020
Cellino: 'Balotelli no longer with Brescia'

Brescia President Massimo Cellino admits Mario Balotelli ‘no longer has his mind with us’ and is destined to leave. ‘We’re disappointed in him.’

There have been conflicting reports over the last few days that the striker did not turn up to training, or was working separately from the rest of the squad.

President Cellino spoke to TeleLombardia programme Qui Studio a Voi Stadio this evening.

“I try to avoid legal action and the Balotelli case was blown out of proportion because there’s no football and little else to talk about,” said the patron.

“He’s a strange lad, he no longer has his mind with us and I am taking his departure for granted. It’s not necessarily different to what he’s always done in his career, he’s just a bit anarchic.”

Brescia are bottom of the Serie A table and it was hoped returning to his hometown would bring a new maturity out of Balotelli, who contributed five goals in 19 games.

“His contract is automatically annulled in case of relegation into Serie B, so with all probability he’ll be a free agent next season, considering our status,” continued Cellino.

“(Former coach Eugenio) Corini cared for him, he allowed some lateness to slide, a few training sessions at a low tempo… We are disappointed, perhaps he will be too.

“We didn’t sign Balotelli just as a media coup, we really did believe he could’ve given us an important contribution on the pitch. I thought, because I like him, that he could create something new for himself in Brescia.

“We are disappointed in him.”