Tuesday June 2 2020
Blatter: 'Infantino has become a megalomaniac'

Former FIFA President Sepp Blatter has criticised the current leader Gianni Infantino: “He wants to make football into a massive money machine.”

The current President Infantino was elected after Blatter’s controversial resignation in 2015 and the former chief, who made the World Cup into one of the most profitable events in sports, claims his compatriot successor was clearing the way to make ‘everything bigger’.

“It seemed that Gianni Infantino wanted to pave the way for the Presidency,” Blatter told Swiss news agency Keystone-ATS.

“Gianni Infantino wants to turn football into a huge money machine. He wants everything to be bigger.

“A World Cup of 48 teams, the Goal project renamed because he wants three times more money. A big Club World Cup with 24 teams, passing the Women’s World Cup from 24 to 32 teams.

“It’s not possible, it’s too heavy to digest.”

He accused the current chief of having become a ‘megalomaniac’.

“He plays with himself because he is imbued with himself. He has become a megalomaniac. In his arrogance, he no longer speaks to the Presidents of the associations but only to heads of state.”