Monday June 22 2020
Iachini: 'Fiorentina deserved victory'

Fiorentina coach Beppe Iachini feels they ‘did enough’ for three points and were only let down by finishing in a 1-1 draw with Brescia.

The Viola had numerous chances, despite going down to 10 men after Martin Caceres saw red, but also ultimately had to thank Bartlomiej Dragowski for a last-gasp save.

“Today was our first game after three months and we made a few too many mistakes at the start, but then started to get into gear and all we were missing was the goal,” Iachini told Sky Sport Italia.

“There were so many chances to score and I can’t complain too much in the circumstances. The important thing is that we continued to create so many scoring opportunities, that we remember how to create and build play. Ribery had his first game in seven months and his fitness levels were good, so I think we had done enough for the three points.”

Federico Chiesa and Caceres will be suspended against Lazio next week, but Iachini did feel bad for Rachid Ghezzal, whose game lasted just six minutes.

“Poor thing… I felt so bad for him, but I couldn’t take off one of the three forwards when I wanted to win. He’d just come off the bench when Caceres was sent off, so I needed to put a defender on. It had nothing to do with him, that’s just the way it went.”

Fiorentina director Joe Barone said before the game that they were “evaluating” free agent Thiago Silva from Paris Saint-Germain.

“Players like Thiago Silva are of a very high level, but we should be concentrated on our current journey,” replied Iachini.

“Thiago Silva is a champion, but our defenders will make their mark too.”