Wednesday July 1 2020
Marotta: 'Inter haven't discussed Tonali'

Inter director Beppe Marotta is still unhappy with the Alexis Sanchez and Victor Moses contract disputes, while insisting they have ‘not discussed’ Sandro Tonali with Brescia.

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Manchester United announced today that Alexis Sanchez will be allowed to remain at Inter on loan, but only up to the Europa League encounter with Getafe and not the rest of the tournament.

A similar approach seems to be the case for Moses with Chelsea.

“As for Moses and Sanchez, we agreed last-minute deals to have them at our disposal, with slightly different reasoning, but at least up until our play-off in the Europa League against Getafe,” Marotta told DAZN.

“I have already said this is an anomaly that should’ve been sorted out by now by those at the top of the sport.”

On a Chinese television station, there was an advert for this match showing Antonio Conte painting an Inter jersey on to Brescia midfielder Tonali.

“I think he painted the youngest player in the game, so it might be an auspice of youth that Inter would like in future. Tonali is admired not just by me, but by all fans of Italian football.

“He is still a Brescia player and we have not discussed it with them, despite having a good rapport.”