Thursday July 2 2020
Perotti: 'Serie A pitches are a disaster'

Roma attacker Diego Perotti blames the ‘disastrous pitches’ in Serie A as part of the reason for his endless injury troubles.

The Argentine has been limited to 15 appearances at Roma this term and claims the pitches in the Italian top division reminds him of his time at the second tier of Argentinian football.

“The pitches are a disaster, going to play at Milan and Inter and the pitch is like the one at Deportivo Moròn,” he told ESPN. “I don’t know if it’s the climate or something.

“In Spain, I went to play at Almeria, who were bottom, and the pitch was perfect.”

But the 31-year-old has claimed his lifestyle doesn’t ‘justify’ all the troubles he has been through.

“I have a very bad relationship with injuries. It’s often of a muscular kind. They are not serious injuries and you recover after a month’s time.

“But when you get one after the other, you get tired of it. They become more and more annoying as the years passes.

“You don’t even want to do the rehabilitation, go for treatments in a clinic or the gym. You see your teammates play, knowing that maybe 15 days remain before you can go back to training.

“I’m very careful, there’s certainly something I could improve, but my lifestyle doesn’t justify all the injuries.

“In the years that remain, I hope it will happen as little as possible. I want to do everything to prevent injuries and enjoy every game.”