Thursday July 2 2020
Conte v decades of Crazy Inter

Antonio Conte’s toughest job was always going to be changing the ‘Pazza Inter’ mentality, but Richard Hall explains why he’s not quite there yet…

The only thing ‘Pazza’ about Inter last night was that they were ‘crazy good’. In a night when Inter played as Antonio Conte intends them to, they swept aside a hapless Brescia side 6-0. The result showed that even with extreme rotation, the squad should have what it takes to push Juventus and Lazio all the way, but the key is always consistency. The coach will have to achieve this if he is to convince the fans that the culture of imploding has gone for good. Already, since football returned, Inter have shown signs it has not gone just yet.

Conte raged against the press after the 6-0 drubbing of Brescia. “We scored six goals and did not concede any, so that ought to be reason for satisfaction. There are always positives watching Inter, but some only want to see the glass half-empty and not half-full.”

You can see his point. In his eyes, since the break they have beaten Sampdoria, drawn with Sassuolo, beaten Parma and thrashed Brescia. They can argue that they are not out of the title race and that they have achieved this with heavy rotation. They have played quick aggressive football, which culminated in last night’s near perfect performance. Conte is looking at this from the background he is from. It is very much a Juventus technique that looks at winning and results only, no matter how you get them. It is perhaps for this reason why he is frustrated that people are not acknowledging what he sees as achievements.

Most professional sports teams and serial winners would agree with the points above, but let us instead assess them from an Inter mindset. First of all, you have to start a little earlier and must still be bemoaning the defeats to Lazio and Juventus before the break that put you out of the title race. It is true that Inter played well against Sampdoria, but the Genoese had been in poor form and the Nerazzurri played poorly in the second half, nearly throwing the game away.

The draw against Sassuolo was crazy, as they gave an early goal away, only to go 2-1 up, they concede, 2-2, go in front on the 86th only to concede again in the 89th, typical Pazza Inter, and don’t talk to me about Roberto Gagliardini. The trip to Parma was a disaster, the worst performance of the season and they were lucky to steal it in the end. The 6-0 was almost perfect, so I bet they mess up now against Bologna. This is the Inter mindset. It didn’t come from nowhere, Nerazzurri fans have had decades of this drilled into them through bitter experience.

Unfortunately, for Conte the only way to shift this mentality is consistency. If Inter had won all of these games in the same manner, people still would not be convinced, but if the Nerazzurri can consistently put in the work ethic, the aggression, the running and the clinical finishing, game in, game out, then the mindset may change. Under Jose Mourinho, the performances were not great every game, but his Inter were near impossible to beat. Giovanni Trappatoni’s Scudetto winners were solid and produced moments of ‘turbo charge’ where it seemed they could just up a gear. This was consistent.

The challenge for Conte is clear. They have Bologna, Hellas Verona, Torino and SPAL before facing Roma. If he can get the same energy and performances in these games, then the points should come. Continue this way against Roma and even if they lose, people will start to believe. If instead they continue to dip in and out of games or only show up in the first half of matches, often living on a wire in the second half, then the tag will stick.

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Man, it's hilarious to read this the day after inter managed to lose against 10 men Bologna.
on the 6th July, 2020 at 7:40am
Are we believing in the title fight?? THEN PUSH HARD. Win the rest of games. Take enthusiasts players along but to clich the title remember who were the keys that led us so far. For me protagonists are 1.SENSI 2.BARELLA 3.LUKAKU and defamist at the moments are 1.borja 2.young 3.gagliardini. This season they have no role to play. MIND IT. It has to be godin not bastoni at the moment. We are chasing title. His one header can do a lot for us.
on the 5th July, 2020 at 4:10am
I wish Marco Branca was at Inter - if he can buy Coutinho for 6 million and Icardi/Handanovic for 11 mill each just imagine what he could do with Marotta's budget :) It's not like he would spend 145 million plus Zaniolo for Joao Mario/Kondogbia/Gabi-one-gol/Nainggolan but wait a second, could it be that Inter has gone 9 years winning nothing for their pathetic waste of money on useless transfers ? I should change my name "i miss Ausilio wasting inter's money on useless transfers"
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 6:31pm
@ Azzkikr Yeah buddy, it's best to avoid all nuance in your posts, otherwise, your fellow interisti might revoke your conspiracy theorist membership!

Don't blame Conte's antiquated tactics, blame Juve! And referee bias. If inter fail to win in Europe, it has to be because Juve is bribing refs to go against them! Oh wait, it's a well-known fact that Juve themselves can't win in Europe because they somehow can't seem to bribe referees there. Oh, oh system overload! Blue screen of death!!
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 9:44am
Aso, it was never proven that Juve bribed referees. They influenced the referee designator, and it later proved that inter were doing the same thing, but they got away scot-free because of SOL. So please, blame inter losing in those years on something else. It's just bad sportsmanship.

You don't see Juve fans blaming the winless years after calciopoli to referee bias. We all know the main culprit for that was Alessio Secco and his wonderful transfers.
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 9:23am
@ I miss Luciano Moggi You do know you instantly lose the moral high ground in a discussion when you call the other party stupid, right?

So cheating is okay if you don't win? Arguments like that make you look very bright either, buddy. In fact, if you cheat and still lose, it just makes you look like a bigger loser, doesn't it? Not only did inter cheat and loose, they eagerly claimed scudetto's that obviously shouldn't have been awarded to anyone.
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 9:16am
Before Conte there is no way Lukaku, Eriksen or Hakimi would be coming to Inter unless they were 30+ and looking for one last pay day. It's great to see what can be done when everyone pulls in the same direction unlike over at AC where internal conflict has been holding back the progress
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 8:56am
Inter still have issues to iron out, they need to be more consistent and improve the depth of the squad. These two things are linked of course. What can't be argued is that Conte, Marotta and Zhang have already taken huge steps in the right direction. Zhang has been instrumental in tripling Inters annual revenue which allows them to make better signings. Marotta has used the increased budget he has to work with to great effect and Conte has been a key factor in attracting better players
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 8:53am
Inter has long reflected the image of a club that is bitter and jealous of others, one which was unwilling to face up to their own short comings. They were rich and rotten with a sense of self entitlement. It oozed directly from management.

The transformation of the club since Conte and Marotta's arrival is significant. They are finally starting to put in the serious graft that is necessary. Credit can also be given to new owner Jindong Zhang for implementing this change in mentality.
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 8:03am
@Anonymous;; DuDey you need cure hah!!
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 6:30am
@Azzikikr Conte difference from Spalleti is that he didn’t lose against the likes of Bologna, Parma or Torino. So far he only lost against teams that have and will finish in the top three in their respective leagues Dortmund, Barca, Jube and Lazio. The squad is still being rebuilt and soon they can be able to actually seriously challenge top teams but only after a squad improvement.But getting results against smaller teams is very important which Conte has shown how to do unlike Spalleti.
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 5:39am
@ Zambrotta - we all know you are not very bright and I have explained this to you many times before - the SOL argument is a red herring because Inter did not win anything for years because Rubentus were bribing/threatening referees. Sure revoke 2nd place in 1998, who cares now.
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 4:24am
@Azzkikr ... I'm wondering if you still keep changing the team you support... you were very active in a certain Inter forum, trying really hard to pretend that you were an Inter fan but all you had was negativity toward them, which it exposed you, they roasted you so bad that you never showed up when they figured what is your true color. I love that your hatred burns you from inside every single day. keep trying! ... you didn't mention how is your team doing so far?
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 3:27am
We are always so unlucky with peoples. Mourinho left us early for a start and it was decline since then. When it was time to personalize a bit spalletti really offered little. And now when we are an elite side we got conte!. I mean he don't do much in terms of changing. A 4-4-2 formation should be a regular plan b for us.
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 3:24am
@Zambrotta84... Take it easy buddy. I was just kidding, but now that you mention it, have you ever asked from any football fan (expect Juve delusional fans) what cheating means? I would suggest to plug your ears, because you will only hear Juventus in response.... and Moggi was in jail for a reason! Good luck bud!
on the 3rd July, 2020 at 3:17am
inter are a much better team this year. However yes they still have struggled in big games. Why? Because you are only as strong as your weakest link sometimes - inter's full backs are a joke. With Hakimi coming in and hopefully another full back of similar quality, inter will be even better. Plus playing 3 at the back with CBs not accustomed to this is tough. Almost a season in, skriniar and di vrij still make mistakes and struggle. Another preseason practicing will only make the defence better.
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 11:40pm
It just a different type of crazy. Inter aren't in the running. 9 point of the lead. But I love the optimism but I like it best when the bubble burst,the head drops and tears flow as your not going to win it this season, next season or the one after that.
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 11:25pm
I get to see inter once, sometimes even twice a day depending on what I eat Hahahahhahaha !!!!’
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 7:23pm
@ Anonymous Take it easy buddy. I was just kidding, but now that you mention it, if it's serial cheating, inter is the only club that comes to mind. Passport fraud (Recoba), illegal wiretaps on its own players (Vieri), hiding their part of calciopoli shenanigans,... The list of proven crimes goes on, really :) And also, swapping Cannavaro for Carini is considered illegal in most countries, so...
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 6:04pm
Inter are more consistent vs bad sides, but not really better compared to spalletti days. Despite Conte got much more support compared to Spalletti.

Lost 2x vs Rubentus.
Lost 2x vs Barca (even to their C-team).
Lost 1 and and won one undeservedly vs Lazio.
Threw away a 0-2 lead to dortmund and lost 3-2.
Drew at home vs Roma.
Crashed out to Napoli in the Coppa.

Etc etc, the list of awful results vs good opponents is long.

Conte's 3 man defense is stoneage stuff, wont win anything with that.
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 5:32pm
Massive progress this year as both a club and a team. It's worrying to see how easily they are carved open on the counter. This needs attention for next season. They have some quality but not enough - Skriniar, De Vrij, and Bastoni are starting points. Godin consistently looks lost and is a step behind the pace, De Vrij's latest performances have been off but assuming he can re-find his form, Ranocchia's promise evaporated years ago, D'Ambrosio runs hot and cold. 19/20: Incomplete but promising.
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 4:35pm
@Zambrotta84... hey loser, get some life and mind your own serial cheating club along with your entitled fellas!
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 4:13pm
To be fair, it's not only Conte who is alchemizing Inter. The club itself seems to be changing + growing. Heck, even Serie A as a whole seems to be on the up! Pazza-Inter imo is when they fire a coach like Simoni despite being top of league and after he'd won MOTM award! They do collapse a bit but in the 1H vs Barca they were excellent + showed great skill + bravery to play out from the back. It's the best Inter I'd seen since Jose M. But this time the club as a whole seem to be Internassennato!
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 3:30pm
Conte still needs to get results vs top-table clubs and this takes time. It is clear that Inter are going through a mentality-shift process, and what other easier way to do this than buy your way out of it and update the rooster accordingly? Get rid of the Vecinos and Candrevas once and for all so we can finally enjoy some football without weed to calm down..
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 2:56pm
In one season he has made inter so much better, they could still win it this year. I wonder are Lazio having a one off season,(maybe), if so, next year Inter will be tough to beat. Marotta is continuing with what he did at Juve, clever buys, most of which come off.
I hope Juve sort the midfield and bring in one quality striker, or I fear they will start to slip away
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 1:39pm
Lets not get away from how pee poor Brescia were last night, to do so would be a grave mistake. Championship is gone, CL is almost guaranteed, lets look forward to Inter reaching their previous European standard of winning European trophies without playing for penalties, the improvement in the squad quality is spectacular and will only continue and especially when the new stadium is complete.
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 1:29pm
Well, sadly for Inter, there is no statute of limitations on being losers...

On a serious note, though, if even Gagliardini starts scoring, anything is possible.
on the 2nd July, 2020 at 12:29pm

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