Sunday July 5 2020
Roma make 'official' Cavani offer

An intermediary claims Roma have made an ‘official offer’ for Edinson Cavani but hints he will only sign if Dan Friedkin completes his takeover.

Gaston Fernandez has close ties to Cavani and Walter Guglielmone, who is the striker’s brother and agent.

Amidst reports of a deal being close, Fernandez confirmed the Uruguayan could join Roma – but on one condition.

“There’s an official offer for Cavani,” he told Ovacion.

“[Roma] asked me to send a formal offer to Walter Guglielmone [Cavani’s brother and agent] and, if that group finally buy Roma, they want Edinson in the team.

“Everything will depend on whether or not they buy Roma because, even if negotiations are advanced, it’s not easy to buy a club of that prestige today.

“There are many things for them to consider, but one of their priorities, if the deal goes through, is to sign Cavani.”

Friedkin has come closest to buying the Giallorossi, but negotiations with James Pallotta have stalled for now.

“They knew that I was someone close to Cavani and that I talk to him about other things because his representative remains his brother Walter, but they called me and told me to sound out this possibility.

“I made sure it was something serious and so I passed it on to Guglielmone.

“They think [Roma’s] offer is a good one but, like I said before, that doesn’t mean he’s signed for them because the group must close their purchase of Roma first.”

The 33-year-old is a free agent after his contract with Paris Saint-Germain expired on June 30.