Friday July 10 2020
CL Draw: Atalanta-PSG, Juve nightmare, Napoli-Bayern

Atalanta will face PSG in the Champions League quarter-finals, while Juventus are paired with Real Madrid or Manchester City and Napoli with Bayern Munich if they get through.

The draw for the Champions League Final Eight was made today in Lisbon, which is also where all those fixtures will be staged in August.

Following the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the format was changed to a mini-tournament of one-off matches on neutral turf.

The kick-off times for these are all 20.00 UK time (19.00 GMT).

Atalanta, Atletico Madrid, RB Leipzig and Paris Saint-Germain had already qualified for the quarter-finals, whereas the others still have to complete the second leg of their Round of 16 ties.

There is therefore an asterisk over the other clubs, depending on who gets through.

This draw had no seeding, nor country protection, so country derbies were possible.

It’s a nightmare scenario for Juventus, who if they do overturn the 1-0 first leg defeat to Lyon, will be up against Real Madrid or Manchester City in the quarter-finals.

To make matters worse, the semi-final would then see Juve on the same side of the board as Napoli, Barcelona, Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

Atalanta are up against Paris Saint-Germain in the quarter-final, but if they do cause another huge upset, then the semi-final opponents are Atletico Madrid or RB Leipzig.

Champions League quarter-finals draw

Real Madrid/Manchester City v Juventus/Olympique Lyon

RB Leipzig v Atletico Madrid

Napoli/Barcelona v Chelsea/Bayern Munich

Atalanta v PSG


Semi-finals draw

Manchester City/Real Madrid/Juventus/Lyon v Barcelona/Napoli/Bayern Munich/Chelsea

RB Leipzig/Atletico Madrid v Atalanta/PSG



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August 18, 19


August 23