Saturday July 11 2020
Atalanta in 'territorial discrimination' row

Atalanta are at the centre of controversy ahead of tonight’s game against Juventus, as there are two videos circulating, one of which has their staff insulting a Napoli fan.

The match kicks off in Turin at 20.45 UK time (19.45 GMT) and the squad arrived at their hotel this afternoon.

A video was released on Twitter of a Napoli supporter with a clear Neapolitan accent walking up to coach Gian Piero Gasperini.

“Hey Mister, are you going to play this time or just roll over like the last 10 years? Forza Napoli, Mister. Forza Napoli.”

Gasperini waved him away and mumbled something through the mask he was wearing and walked away.

However, another video from a different angle shows the aftermath, as a member of the Atalanta staff told the Napoli fan to go away, swearing at him and then calling him ‘terrone’ – an insulting term for those from the South of Italy.

Chanting ‘terrone’ is considered territorial discrimination, which Italians now put on a par with racism, so there could potentially be a ban or fine involved for Atalanta.

The member of staff also uttered a blasphemous phrase when insulting the fan, again, something that will get you a ban and a fine if done inside a stadium.

It remains to be seen how the rules will be applied to a situation outside of the match.