Monday July 20 2020
Roma-Inter was a lose-lose situation

A point each felt like a defeat for both Roma and Inter, writes Susy Campanale, but Antonio Conte found yet more reasons to complain.

The 2-2 draw at the Olimpico felt like a loss for both sides. Roma had been leading 2-1 and looking absolutely comfortable until Leonardo Spinazzola conceded one of the strangest penalties you are ever likely to see. Inter had originally gone in front and could certainly complain at the Aleksandar Kolarov challenge on Lautaro Martinez which sparked the equaliser on the stroke of half-time. Just as quickly as the Scudetto dream loomed back into view, it had evaporated again.

There is so much to be said about this match, from the new balance achieved by Paulo Fonseca switching to three at the back, making the most of his attacking wing-backs and creating space for the midfielders to push forward in support of Edin Dzeko, to the intriguing but ultimately failed experiment of using Marcelo Brozovic as a trequartista. Seemingly Antonio Conte would prefer anyone but Christian Eriksen in that role, a not so subtle message to the club that this was not the player he wanted in the January transfer window.

It's remarkable just how little the Nerazzurri created in the second half, with Pau Lopez barely tested and possession largely under Roman control. If it weren’t for Spinazzola’s double whammy of incompetence – an awful first touch followed by failing to notice Victor Moses looming, resulting in a comical swing and boot to the shin – it’s difficult to see how Inter would’ve got back into this game.

The tackle on Lautaro Martinez really was the perfect example of why VAR is not the panacea to resolve all controversy in football and never could be, no matter how much some might want to paint it as a failed bid to create uniformity. Issues like fouls will always be matters of interpretation and millions of people watched the same footage, including the referee, coming to very different conclusions. Ultimately, the decision has to lie with the official, he viewed it from every angle and made his evaluation. VAR makes it easier to avoid errors, but it cannot change someone’s interpretation of what represents a foul.

Conte would’ve had every right to complain about that incident, which did change the game going into the break. To his credit, he merely glossed over it and said referees can make mistakes just like players and coaches. It was unusually magnanimous of him.

Instead, the former Juventus and Chelsea boss decided to dive headlong into Jose Mourinho territory by going on an extended rant about the fixture list being “made to damage Inter.” All the teams are playing every three days, this is what they have to do during this bizarre compressed end to the campaign made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic. Of all the sides having to deal with this, Inter ought to be one of those best-equipped, seeing as they would otherwise have been playing twice a week with Europa League or Coppa Italia commitments.

He even suggested the Nerazzurri are repeatedly given late kick-offs to hurt their prospects and recovery time, as they return home at 4am. Most clubs forced to play in the sweltering late July heat would relish the opportunity to have games starting at 21.45 local time, when there’s not even the need for a cooling break and the pace can be kept up without fear of wilting. It seems a very odd hill of protest to plant your flag on.

Conte complained that he is portrayed in the media as someone who always complains. That’s not a paradox, by the way, it’s just a spectacular lack of self-awareness with a delicious sprinkling of unintentional irony. A self-fulfilling litany.

People said Conte would bring the Juventus winning mentality to Pazza Inter, but San Siro has just brought out the worst aspects of his personality: the endless moaning, excuses, alibis and complaints. One could say he had been Interfied, but as any Chelsea fan will tell you, that was always in Conte’s wheelhouse.

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after the stupidest, yuo come up with the funniest comment. Tears of laughter are these. You just forgot about the yellow that Moses deserved (and Martinez too)
Just explain how you push back while moving forward. I cant picture it.
on the 23rd July, 2020 at 1:10pm
Lautaro was pushing back on the Kolarov initiating contact. And while I am at it, Inters penalty shouldn't have been awarded either I mean Moses thrusts his groin at Spinozzalas foot. Not a pen for me. Just because you scream, roll around on the ground clutching your groin doesn't mean there was substantial contact. The ref got played by cheating Inter. Crocodile tears.
on the 22nd July, 2020 at 12:39am
It’s not only the days rest too! Conte was complaining about the schedule times, always playing in the late game, do you know what time they get home after the game and finally rest? And then have to be up for training next day? Body can’t recover for a game in 3 days if it doesn’t get to sleep..
on the 21st July, 2020 at 10:50pm
@ Anon - Juventus dominated someone in Europe? Where? When , How? - your avin a larff!
on the 21st July, 2020 at 7:54pm
Half of my Italian family support Inter and half support Juve so i'm somewhat torn between the teams but one thing I have to say is that my Grandad and Uncle who support Inter are stereotypical Inter fans, they harp on and on and on about the famous treble and how Juve have never done it in their history. This treble happened 10 years ago, it's not even relevant but yet just like most Inter fans on this site it's all they've got. Surely they should look to the future rather than the past
on the 21st July, 2020 at 4:43pm
PS: For remaining games, team's rest days will be more more equal:

ROMA 3,4,3,4
ATALANTA 3,3,4,5
LAZIO 3,3,3,4
INTER 3,3,3,5
JUVE 3,3,3,4

It will be nice to see Ronaldo playing every 3 days instead of every 4.
(Though I doubt it will affect him; guy is an amazing dedicated athlethe!

...& a crybaby. Amazing dedicated crybaby. ;))
on the 21st July, 2020 at 4:31pm
Here you go:

Since restart, 8 Serie A games have been played.
Beside each team I wrote how many DAYS OF REST they had between their games:

ROMA 4,4,3,3,3,4,4
ATALANTA 4,4,3,3,3,3,4
LAZIO 3,3,4,3,4,4,5
INTER 4,3,4,4,4,3,3
JUVE 4,4,4,3,4,4,5

Juve had more rest until now.

Before season's restart
Juve played Coppa Semi & Coppa Final.
Inter played Coppa Semi & their rescheduled Serie A game.

(If Inter played in Coppa Final they'd also have 1 day of rest less than Juve since their Semis).
on the 21st July, 2020 at 4:04pm
@Anonymous How did exactly Lautaro back into Kolarov while he was moving forward? haha. This must be the stupidest comment ever on FI. And the bar is high. @United States of Totti Funny someone with that name talking about diving. Totti used to fall if someone just looked at him from closer than 3 meters. There was conctact from behind and Kolarov did not get any of the ball. it was a clear foul. Inter playing bad again does not make it less obvious.
on the 21st July, 2020 at 2:53pm
I miss Luciano Moggi @ Juventus: I am just glad that Juventus is still in the Tournament - it means that they can multi-task unlike some defending champions who got schooled by a team that Juve dominated in the group stage.
on the 21st July, 2020 at 12:30pm
@King Totti

Over how many days have Juve played their 10 games since the restart?

And over how many days have Inter played their 10 games?
on the 21st July, 2020 at 9:54am
@ Marco Branca- Liverpool - PL champions, World champions - YNWA - the reds dont have a loser mentality in Europe - unlike Juventus. This years CL will be the easiest in years for Rubentus to win but their European loser mentality just wont allow them to do do it.....
on the 21st July, 2020 at 8:03am
Inter I believe will sell Laturo's diving antics to barcelona, where such carry on is perfectly suited, remember Busquest.
on the 21st July, 2020 at 8:01am
Juventus were the best team this season in the league in Italy, they are deserved winners, good luck to them, I cannot see the problem with Sarri - it was obvious from November they would win - Moggi prediced by 8 or 9 points and it apears he was correct.
on the 21st July, 2020 at 7:59am
I agree with Luca, there is a huge danger that Conte will force Skrinar and Ericksen to leave - and then leave himself having weakened the team.
on the 21st July, 2020 at 7:57am
Inter are falsely arrogant. I like how Interisti say if the Lautaro "foul" was give then they would have conquered the world but it wasn't so it not their fault that they don't win.
on the 21st July, 2020 at 5:39am
So frustrated that we didn't win. Inter have a much stronger squad yet we played as equals. Conte whinging about anti inter treatment, lol welcome to life on the other side of Juve, its always been this way. Juve yet to play a team who has had more rest then them says it all!
on the 21st July, 2020 at 5:27am
The game showed why until inter have decent wing backs, they are going to struggle. Young, Biraghi, Candreva and even Moses aren't good enough. Hakimi and hopefully another decent name (Emerson or the dream, Alaba) and this completely transforms the team. Cant hide behind injuries however having Lukaku start and Sensi available, is a much stronger team. Its the weak links that continue to let us down!
on the 21st July, 2020 at 5:25am
A foul on Martinez? that's what you're calling? You lot never cease to amaze.

Firstly its not a foul and even if you claim it is, call it even for this:

And if you're that blind then try to justify this:

Its just pathetic to see how much Lega Calcio has helped you this campaign (and one's past) yet you still cry as if you're being treated unfairly. You're a joke.
on the 21st July, 2020 at 4:22am
No league moans like Serie A does

Excuses pile up to Everest-like heights come the end of every season

The decisions that go Juve's way are scrutinised thoroughly, while the ones that go against them or the way of other teams are largely ignored

Juve have been poor, with the worst team they've had in years. Yet only Atalanta can really be praised for having a go

As for Conte, he's a good manager, but it's time to quit moaning, use more talented players, and start justifying his huge wages
on the 21st July, 2020 at 2:44am
cont. however saying this, inter played poorly and didnt create enough chances. gags isnt good enough, broz cant play AMF and it wasnt until eriksen came on they we started actually creating decent chances again. Could say the penalty was lucky, but then we did concede an own goal and the second was a ricochet that could have gone anywhere.
on the 20th July, 2020 at 11:33pm
it was a poor mistake not to call lautaro foul. Those saying it was soft, it was definitely soft but you cant make contact with the ankle, back and shoulder (clear picture footage of it), not get near the ball and not give away the foul from behind. Not to mention these are ALWAYS given, how often do you see the player wait for contact from behind and go down and the whistle immediately blown? Without the goal, inter could reset at half time with the lead and come out with a different mentality.
on the 20th July, 2020 at 11:30pm
Emerson Palmieri already played for Conte with Chelsea.
I don't know how he performes after leaving Italy, I only saw him play under Sarri in EL Finals (where he had a great game).

Bruno Peres had some good games with Torino, so he was bought by Roma.
He failed in Rome & then also when he was loaned to Brazilian clubs...
Now, under Fonseca's new system (3 in back) he excels.
Go figure! :)
on the 20th July, 2020 at 6:57pm
This actually happens ALL THE TIME but TV cameras don't show us incidents in close ups!
(Only way you can force them to review it is to fake it & lie on ground.)

It happened to Roma multiple times this season...
For instance, check how Lazio scored their goal against them:
(Minute 2:22, but you should watch whole vid --how goal frame was hit SIX TIMES!)
Kolarov is a fighter, no way he lost that ball without being fouled.
Yet camera didn't show incident even once!
on the 20th July, 2020 at 6:30pm
I understand Lautaro & Interisti.

Players that are fouled frequently, fall at first contact to protect themselves. Otherwise Lorias & Pepes would dish them out several kicks with progressively higher intensity.

I'm not hypocrite; How refs whistle during games, that's a foul.

But for sake of football, GOALS shouldn't be overruled when player falls by HIMSELF!
"Yes, there was contact, I should have whistled... But since I didn't & goal was scored --Did you have to fall? Goal has ADVANTAGE."
on the 20th July, 2020 at 6:05pm
Go & rewind Juventus-Atalanta game, minute 15:45, before Zapata's goal...
There was a foul on Dybala, but none of you pointed that out.
Juventini didn't complain because they accepted that they were LUCKY to get a draw.

Yesterday, Roma was better. You should be THANKFUL for draw & especially how that equaliser happened.
Look at the whole game, overall. Were you unlucky or lucky? Should you deserve to win yesterday? Was draw more fair?

Accept it & rather regret losing to Bologna, etc..
on the 20th July, 2020 at 4:58pm
@ The problem with Interisti is their loser mentality - you tied a good team, it's not like you blew a 2-0 half time lead in Champions league and lost 3-2 - you tied Roma - they are a Europa League level team and so is Inter so stop crying like babies. If you want to know why Inter did not win the scudetto this year it is because Juventus beat Inter TWICE !
on the 20th July, 2020 at 4:38pm
Remember how embarrassedly Juventus tried to cancel every Atletico Madrid goal?
--For every attacking action, 3 Juve defenders were rolling on ground asking VAR to intervene.
It would be like that EVERY GAME if refs give in to players who easily fall.

VAR will evolve football. Where do we want to go?

Should other warriors become divers..?
Or should these weaklings "man up" & become stronger?

I know what I want to watch.
on the 20th July, 2020 at 4:04pm
For me Lautaro was backing into the Roma player initiating contact trying to buy a free kick. Ref did well to call play on. you want a game that flows.
on the 20th July, 2020 at 3:37pm
Dear Inter fans...

Player lost the ball because he exaggerated & fell after a slight contact.
He fell to ground because HE DECIDED to, not because opponent made him to.

When Roma scored, Lautaro stayed on ground as shot in agonizing pain for over a minute. From a contact to his sole!


Do you understand what that means? Almost every goal could than be overruled!
Players would fall for every little contact.

Do we want to reward diving & acting??
on the 20th July, 2020 at 3:34pm
@ United States of Totti

I agree, the coach has a huge affect on the performance of the player, maybe Conte will bring out the best in Emerson if they get him but personally I see better options out there for around the same price. Kostic, Goosens, Grimaldo, Gaya, Telles. Any of those would be a better buy in my opinion
on the 20th July, 2020 at 3:27pm

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