Wednesday July 29 2020
Torino takeover bid announced

A conglomerate of local businessmen announced they are ready to stage a takeover bid to buy Torino from President Urbano Cairo.

The names of the people behind the plan are not known, but a press conference was held by consultants Giuseppe Pipicella, Massimo Scalari and Simone Servetti.

President Cairo is increasingly unpopular with fans and the local media, above all newspaper Tuttosport, who regularly complain he does not invest enough and shows a lack of ambition.

“There are businessmen and there is capital behind this project. We want Torino to come back to the Granata fans,” said the representatives of group Console and Partners.

“Our clients intend to open up a dialogue with Urbano Cairo, but also inform the fans about this project. There aren’t just the resources to buy the club, but to help grow the team and keep it towards the top of the table.”

The statement also pointed out this would be opening up to minority shareholders and “moving from a single decider to a context in which decisions are shared by those who have interest.”