Sunday August 2 2020
Commisso: 'Chiesa can leave, if...'

Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso explains why he decided to keep Beppe Iachini for next season, while Federico Chiesa ‘has the all-clear to leave as long as he brings in the right money.’

The Viola ended their Serie A season with a 3-1 victory away to SPAL this evening.

“I thank everyone, from the doctors to the coaching staff, because Fiorentina had more coronavirus cases probably than any other team,” Commisso told Sky Sport Italia.

“We achieved our objective of finishing in the top 10 and had the best defensive record in the post-lockdown period. I am happy with the work Iachini has done and that is why I confirmed him for next season.

“This was a transitional year, we did better than last season and also better than many other foreign investors. We want to always be in the top half of the table, hoping to win something.

“I just wish in Italy there wasn’t so much fake news that I then have to deny, like the claims I talked to Daniele De Rossi for the job of coach. Nobody talked to me about it, so ask me next time if it’s true.”

With that in mind, Commisso was asked if Chiesa will be in the Fiorentina squad next season.

“I hope so! I kept him last summer, now I hope that he remains, but if he wants to leave, then he can do so as long as he brings in the right money for his true value.

“I gave him the all-clear, as long as he brings the right money. I would like him to stay, but if he does want to go, then the clubs have to pay us what we believe he is worth.”