Sunday August 9 2020
Ulivieri: 'Pirlo knows more than most coaches'

Andrea Pirlo was appointed head coach at Juventus in his first managerial job, but Renzo Ulivieri reveals he ‘knows more about the game than most coaches who have been working for years.’

The decision to fire Maurizio Sarri was not entirely surprising, but Pirlo was promoted from the Under-23 job to the main bench without overseeing a single game.

“Pirlo doesn’t actually have his coaching badges yet, but he’s got permission because he was at the most recent course. He’ll hand in his final thesis in October and then he’ll be a coach,” President of the Italian Coaches’ Association Ulivieri told

“I can confidently say that Pirlo is currently one of the deepest thinkers in world football. He knows more about the game than most coaches who have been working for years. He’s studious, he really looked into the subject and he is ready.”

Before being allowed to work as a coach in Italy, you must go through a course at the Coverciano training ground, complete with exams and final thesis.

Pirlo was taught by Ulivieri and the teacher was very impressed with his student.

“He’s very focused, smart, can analyse possible instruments looking to the future of football. Pirlo is someone who looks forward. He was always there, taking notes.

“Pirlo was a great player who knows football, so he’s versatile and will adapt the system to the characteristics of his players. Is it a gamble? Andrea Agnelli thought about this carefully.

“I won’t say whether it was a wise move to sack Sarri, because it is always sad when one of our own is dismissed. At the same time, I am happy to see more of our young coaches take flight with jobs after leaving our classes.”