Monday August 17 2020
Gazidis: 'New stadium will be world-leading'

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis has claimed a ‘unique situation’ will enable the Rossoneri and Inter to build a ‘world-leading stadium’ and promised ‘people will understand why we moved’ when they experience the new arena.

The momentous San Siro is going to be replaced by a new and modern stadium but Gazidis promised that the two clubs will ‘respect’ the history of the old venue as they look to spend €1bn to build a new monument in the city.

“San Siro is an iconic stadium,” the CEO told Daily Mail. “There’s a lot of history in that building and we have a lot of respect for that.

“But the best way we can honour that history is by creating a future for the club that is absolutely vibrant and is going to embrace and engage the next generation of fans.

“When you go to a new stadium in the UK or in the US, you immediately perceive that you have the opportunity to get to the stadium area in advance, stay two or three hours before the game, spend time with friends and family and enjoy your time.

“Then, you can also stay after the game. It’s an experience that is not just limited to the 90 minutes of the game, it’s different. As of today, we don’t have that opportunity.”

“We are going to make sure we preserve all of the best elements of San Siro – the proximity to the pitch, the rake of the stands, the sound will be much better, but we will add to that everything that a modern stadium has.

“When the people experience the new stadium, they will understand why the move was made. Until that time, then of course the focus is on nostalgia for San Siro.”

Milan and Inter are together in the project and they had both considered renovating the Giuseppe Meazza, but Gazidis says the two clubs are determined to build something you ‘won’t see anywhere else’.

The two clubs hope a new stadium will help them return to the European elite, despite leaving behind nearly 100 years of history in the process.

“You would probably end up spending just as much money to end up with a stadium which is nowhere near as well constructed and as good as the new stadium could be,” he added.

“You’d end up with a stadium which was unrecognisable to the current stadium as well.

“There’s incredible opportunity to build a new stadium together which will not just be a beacon for Italian football, but one of- and we believe the best – club stadium in Europe.

“The reason I say that is because of our history of sharing the stadium, it allows us to do things with the new stadium that you won’t see anywhere else.

“It’s really a unique situation to have two such big clubs in such a big city, such an international city where football is really the dominant social, cultural experience.

“To do this together really enables us to build a stadium that will be world-leading.”