Sunday August 23 2020
Raiola: 'No Ibrahimovic deal with Milan'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will not be present when Milan begin pre-season training tomorrow, confirms agent Mino Raiola. ‘It’s not about money.’

The striker is out of contract following his arrival from the LA Galaxy as a free agent in January.

It’s reported the Rossoneri have offered him a two-year deal, but he is asking for €7m per season net.

The proposal is believed to be €6m plus performance-related bonuses.

Sky Sport Italia assure there is no deadline to reach an agreement or look elsewhere, so the negotiations will continue.

“He won’t be there tomorrow, for the moment,” agent Raiola told Sky Sport Italia.

“We are still talking, but there is no agreement yet. It’s not about money, but of conviction and style. It takes two to make a marriage work and if Ibrahimovic didn’t want to remain with the Rossoneri, then there wouldn’t be a negotiation.

“Elliott have to make choices, different ones. They know how to make decisions in the financial world, but need to learn how to make them in the sporting world too.

“We are in a very sensitive phase of the negotiations and I don’t wish to say more. I am always optimistic. I don’t work to create problems, but to find solutions.”

Raiola also represents Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma, whose contract is due to run down in 2021.

“I have not talked about Gigio and I don’t intend to. It’s a sensitive issue with the fans. The club has other priorities right now and it’s not the right moment to talk about it.”