Monday August 31 2020
Ferrero: 'We must reopen stadiums'

Sampdoria President Massimo Ferrero wants Serie A to reopen stadiums. ‘Enough with the deserted games! Football without fans makes no sense’.

Football has been played behind closed doors since March but UEFA announced the European Super Cup will fill up to 30 per cent of the stadium, when Bayern Munich play Sevilla in Hungary on September 24.

Sampdoria patron Ferrero doesn’t understand why Serie A can’t reopen stadiums in Italy.

“Enough with the deserted games! Football without fans makes no sense, it’s time to reopen the the stadiums,” he declared, according to Calcio e Finanza.

“You can’t compare the stadiums to discos that are indoors or almost. And there, after the long lockdown, people go to let off steam.

“Our show is always in large and open spaces. Think about the capacity of each stadium. We want distancing, then we let in half of the capacity.

“At the Marassi, 20,000 for 40,000 seats. Even 40 per cent is enough, with two seats out of five occupied. We must reopen.

“If not on the first round of fixtures, then on the second. A little at a time with clear and equal rules for everyone. The buses are 70 per cent open, we have nothing.

“What’s the point of letting one team in first and then the other if the players are next to each other during the game.”