Saturday September 5 2020
Mihajlovic: 'How I caught COVID-19'

Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic believes his children might’ve given him COVID-19. ‘For the second year running, I can’t be at pre-season training.’

There were understandable concerns when the Serbian announced he had tested positive, as he is in a high-risk category, having been diagnosed with leukaemia just over a year ago.

However, he is asymptomatic and currently self-isolating at home, so spoke to the Bologna squad and fans by phone at the end of their pre-season training retreat.

“I didn’t do anything that I wasn’t supposed to do and it was disappointing to see so much criticism towards me and my family,” said Mihajlovic.

“I followed all the rules and did everything I was supposed to do when on vacation. Unfortunately, the nightclubs were open and I couldn’t tell my children not to go, as it was allowed.

“I think it’s possible I contracted COVID from one of my children, who first tested positive, but is now negative. What really annoys me is that for the second year running, I can’t be at pre-season training.

“Mind you, having seen the work the squad and my staff have done, perhaps they do better without me,” he laughed.

Mihajlovic was in hospital for circa four months last year, undergoing chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

He has recovered from leukaemia and was gradually getting back to full fitness until the COVID-19 diagnosis.