Saturday September 5 2020
Montero: 'Pirlo has Zidane's charisma'

Sambenedettese coach Paolo Montero trusts Andrea Pirlo will be a success as the new Juventus coach. ‘He’s so intelligent and has Zinedine Zidane’s charisma.’

Pirlo was originally hired as the Juve Under-23 tactician, but was promoted to the senior role only a week later, to replace sacked Maurizio Sarri.

“As a fan, it was unexpected,” confessed ex-Bianconeri defender Montero to Sky Sport Italia.

“Pirlo is loved by all of Italy, he’s so intelligent and I was lucky enough to get to know him. He’s a very quiet person, who doesn’t speak much, but has a great deal of charisma.

“If we want to make a comparison with Zidane at Real Madrid, then he was an assistant manager to Carlo Ancelotti first, so it’s a different path for Pirlo. Having said that, Pirlo has the same charisma as Zidane, they are both men who don’t really need to speak.

“There are many great players and leaders of the squad who respect Pirlo and will listen to him.”

Uruguayan Montero was asked if Luis Suarez or Edinson Cavani would be better suited to join this Juventus team.

“I think Cristiano Ronaldo would do better with a centre-forward who can spread the defence, like Suarez. Cavani moves around more, whereas Ronaldo’s best years were alongside Karim Benzema, more of a central figure.”