Saturday September 12 2020
Lotito: 'I'm tested every four days'

Lazio President Claudio Lotito has claimed there’s a ‘misplaced alarmism’ and stressed 'if someone tests positive for coronavirus, he must remain at a distance'.

The Serie A Presidents are undergoing COVID-19 tests after De Laurentiis confirmed he tested positive one day after the Assembly met in Milan on Wednesday.

The Aquile chief tested negative and revealed he is tested every four days, just like his players at both Lazio and Salernitana.

“Of course, I’m negative, I swab every four days. I’m subjected by my choice to the football protocol, it’s normal,” he told Adnkronos. “If someone’s positive, he must remain at a distance.

“Sometimes I’m checked every two days since, in addition to Lazio, I also have Salernitana. Some precautions must be taken.

“If one goes to Sardinia, Capri or who knows where, but doesn’t go to crowded places, the problem doesn’t arise. There’s a misplaced alarmism."