Thursday September 17 2020
Suarez passes Italian exam

Luis Suarez has reportedly passed the Italian exam he took this morning in Perugia, taking him closer to a passport and transfer to Juventus.

The Uruguay international needs an Italian passport to complete the move, because Juve have already filled their quota of non-EU players coming in from outside Serie A by signing Weston McKennie from Schalke 04.

He is eligible for the passport because his wife has Italian ancestors, but first needed to pass the B1 Italian language test.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport and news agency Ansa, Suarez sat and passed the test this morning in Perugia.

It took an hour, going through both oral and written exam questions, and he emerged holding a tube containing his diploma.

There is still some red tape to go through and it’s not clear quite how long it will take for Suarez to get his passport.

Meanwhile, he is also still negotiating an exit from Barcelona, but at least this will remove one of the obstacles standing between the striker and Juventus.