Sunday September 20 2020
Miha warns Bologna: 'I want the right attitude'

Bologna coach Sinisa Mihajlovic wants response to the 5-1 defeat to Milan in July and warns his players. ‘If we lack courage and the right attitude, we can lose to anyone’.

The Rossoblu tactician prepares his men to face Stefano Pioli’s Rossoneri tomorrow and starts the 2020-21 season with a tough away game at San Siro.

But the Serbian coach wants a completely ‘different story’ this time around and hopes his men will ‘fight’ until the final whistle.

“Tomorrow we start a long journey, where we hope to have few curves and few stops,” Mihajlovic said at a press conference.

“The first goal is to grow in all senses. What I hope will not happen again, is to lose without a fight.

“If it happens this year, it will be a mess. I want to see the right attitude, going everywhere trying to play our game.

“If we play as we know, we can beat anyone. If we lack courage and the right attitude, we can lose to anyone.

“Tomorrow, I want a different story compared to last match.”

Mihajlovic has admitted it will be difficult for Bologna to qualify for Europe this term but wants to help the youngsters at his disposal develop.

“Since we don’t have the possibility to spend and invest a lot of money, we have decided to create a young team and help the players grow,” Mihajlovic added.

“It will be difficult to arrive in Europe, but we have the motivation to develop the team and give the youngsters value, in order to distinguish ourselves from the others.

“Having a young team is inspiring for me as a coach. In the team, we have many young players and some veterans, the right mix.”

Riccardo Orsolini admitted he struggled post-COVID, but Mihajlovic said the forward risks losing his place in the team if he doesn’t deliver.

“I have already talked to Orsolini in private, if he doesn’t wake up, he ends up in the stands,” Mihajlovic said.

“As for the team, I saw that everyone is training well, even the youngest have gained more confidence and initiative.

“Let’s see tomorrow, but I’m confident because I have seen a good retreat and a good pre-season.

“The more experienced give a lot of advice to the youngsters and the latter have acquired greater self-esteem."