Monday September 28 2020
De Siervo: 'Netflix and Amazon want Serie A'

The Lega CEO Luigi De Siervo has revealed Amazon and Netflix have stepped up the chase for the Serie A’s TV rights.

“We have a very strong interlocutor like Sky, we have DAZN, who has shown belief in Italy with an important investment,” De Siervo said according to news agency ANSA.

“I think we’ll have positive surprises, even though there’s currently no strong competition like in recent years, when Mediaset competed for TV rights.

“We are tickled by the interest of large international platforms, such as Amazon and Netflix. We hope that football will return to the centre of confrontation between technologies and platforms.

“With the creation of a single network, football can become an attractive element. A product, as happens abroad, where phones can improve the content.”