Saturday October 3 2020
Do Milan need Dalot?

Portuguese full-back Diogo Dalot arrives on a dry loan and Kaustubh Pandey discusses whether he can represent an added value for Stefano Pioli’s Milan.

Milan's summer transfer window gets more and more exciting as the days pass by. The Rossoneri are following a precise path with the objective of creating a team that has a good mix of young and experienced players. Speaking about promising players, after the likes of Brahim Diaz, JP Hauge, Sandro Tonali and Pierre Kalulu, the Rossoneri are now close to securing the services of Diogo Dalot, who is set to arrive at the San Siro on a dry loan deal from Manchester United.

With the 21-year-old in the team, Milan fix the right-back spot and sign someone of a suitable age profile. Someone who can play as full-back, either left or right, but also wide in midfield. The Portuguese adds depth to a Milan side that wants to challenge on many fronts. More than anything, he comes in as a player who is desperate to succeed and prove critics wrong.

While at the Old Trafford, he gave his best playing as right midfielder, even though he was used as a right-back when his shot helped Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men win the penalty which saw them beat PSG in the Round of 16 of the Champions League in the 2018-19 season. The Braga-born defender is a player who really likes to push forward and thrives on carrying the ball as much as he can.

However, apart from that night in Paris, things went awry for him at Old Trafford. Signed by Jose Mourinho in the disappointing window of 2018, Dalot was never seen as a first choice in any position, under any manager. Even if Mourinho described him as “the best full-back” of his age group, he never played regularly neither under the Special One nor under Ole.

His path at the Old Trafford was also hindered by constant injuries. During the last campaign he missed 24 games for hip and groin injuries and in recent months, Solskjaer was rarely happy with his approach in training. As a result, the likes of Brandon Williams and Timothy Fosu-Mensah had often been above him in the pecking order.

This is a player who probably needs the trust of his manager to go out and perform. His first target at the San Siro is to get the old confidence back and improve as a player. There are areas in his game that he still needs to boost but he can only achieve his targets by playing regularly, something he did not really do at Old Trafford, for many reasons.

The former Porto man does possess a more reliable burst of pace and acceleration than Andrea Conti and Davide Calabria do. The Italians are better 1v1 defenders, but Conti lost his pace because of two serious knee injuries, whereas Calabria is trying to get back on track after a criticism-ridden 2019-20 campaign. Dalot will be a serious contender for the starting spot on the right defence although he can also be used higher on the pitch.

Dalot may not score or provide as much assist as Theo does, but he has always been a passionate character, desperate to succeed. Now more than ever. In Stefano Pioli’s hands, a coach who has proved to be capable of bringing the best out of his players, Dalot can certainly improve as a footballer and give the Rossoneri more options both at the back and up front.

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LOL, i have more important question:
Who is Dalot?

on the 8th October, 2020 at 3:12am
On the other hand if Chiesa was as good as people were saying then why would the last 2 Fiorentina managers play a formation that doesn't suit their best player. He's spent the past seasons playing out of position as a Striker or a RWB. If he was that good Fiorentina would've played a formation to accommodate him as a RW
on the 6th October, 2020 at 9:49am
I would've liked to see Chiesa go to Milan rather than Juve, at Juve it seems he will be played out of position and rotated and over the years will waste away to never fulfilling his potential. At Milan he would've started week in week out in his favoured RW position and kicked on to the next level. I hope i'm wrong but with Zaniolos injuries and Chiesa being turned into a RWB I fear the national team will lose it's 2 most exciting attacking players
on the 6th October, 2020 at 9:47am
dalot was a needed signing his ability as a winger and fullback adds important characteristics to a team which lacks wide options. Considering laxalt was destined to leave for the whole window and conte ability to pick up injuries it was a reasonable signing.

overall milan market has been a failure the inability to sign any of the centre back targets or sign a forward who could back up ibra in terms of goal threat will hurt milan. milan desperately need musa and durate to be credible
on the 6th October, 2020 at 8:34am
the starting 11. That in turn improves the squad as previous starters drop down. Assuming Maldini and Co are happy with our super massive squad, can we now just focus on improving the starting 11 up until we have a Champions League winning team? Focus on one world class player than 10 average.
on the 5th October, 2020 at 11:45pm
Firstly another solid win against Spezia. It is Spezia but Milan have previously struggled to beat newly promoted teams.

Secondly I’m relieved we missed out on a CB so that Gabbia can continue to get games.

Thirdly now that the window is finally shut (woo hoo) my big concern is we wasted so much time filling out the squad and haven’t added anyone to the starting line up. Unless we think this team is capable of beating Bayern and winning the Champions League, then we need to keep improving the
on the 5th October, 2020 at 11:43pm
I'm confident that Pioli can maintain the morale. Conti cannot be counted on for now (very sad, as he deserves the spot).
However, Calabria is playing at the same levels as he did when Gattuso had us playing one of the rockiest defenses at the time. I welcome the new signings to keep pushing the starters to perform even better.
Forza Milan.
on the 5th October, 2020 at 2:18pm

For once I actually agree with you. What is the sense in bringing in a 4th RB into the squad who is roughly the same in ability as the 3 you already have. It seems to be a common theme in Serie A at the moment with Inter having 8 CMs for 3 positions. You definitely need squad depth with the amount of games that are played in modern football but depth doesn't mean bloated squads with 30 players causing a high wage bill and lack of continuity
on the 5th October, 2020 at 9:08am
@Maldini heir
Do you ever stop? You are actually a broken record.
We can't even advise you take a break because you will be back in a few months and literally write the same thing again.
How about from now on you take a vacation in the transfer windows and just stop reading and losting on FI it really sounds like it will do you some good.
Now in response to the article, No we don't 'need' him but he adds some depth to the team which can only be a good thing if we actually want to win something
on the 5th October, 2020 at 12:27am
There's no logical complaint about signing defenders. "Milan will have six CBs" but Duarte and Musacchio aren't up to it. Gabbia is too inexperienced to be starting yet, that's been telling these first few weeks. There's Roma and Kjaer to be relied upon; that's it. A new, quality CB IS needed. Re RB, Conti will never make it back to his previous heights. Calabria is the better choice but inconsistent. Kalalu needs to be bed in. There's no good LB backup. Dalot can play both sides. Go with it.
on the 4th October, 2020 at 4:55pm
Dalot is a good signing. Seen him play for united and he looked good. Think we need to forget about Conti for this season. He is struggling and needs time to recover from injuries. He will go on loan in January which is weeks away. Kalulu is young and also needs time + was a free contract and needs 1 year. Laxalt can go in this window. Dlaot will play RB will be cover for Theo. Its a loan deal if it works out they will push to buy. Now we need a last push for other positions !
on the 4th October, 2020 at 4:09pm
A Milan fan said, "Juve's midfield is weak. Bennacer could be first-choice there."

I say MEEH! Only idiot believes Ramsey-Rabiot-Arthur-Bentancur-McKennie are weak.
on the 4th October, 2020 at 1:33pm
Everyone who is moaning about who of our players would and wouldn't start for juve or inter can shut right up.

First off, Romagnoli, Theo, Hakan, Bennacer and Kessie would be more than capable of fighting for places in any team.

Secondly, we build on what we have, not what we can't afford... Dally or not, we've made good moves this fall.
on the 4th October, 2020 at 7:04am
I don’t get this signing - especially on a dry loan. I’d rather give Kalulu a chance than someone who will leave after a year. Not sure Dalot is even better than what we have in Conti or Calabria? Where is a CB? Why not Tobido. What happened to Bakayoko now set for Napoli? Marc Roca was available and we were interested but he went to Bayern for only 15m? What a steal. Still no back up striker? Surely we canno rely on Colombo - give Leao a shot to be Ibras understudy at least. RW needed to!!!!
on the 4th October, 2020 at 6:20am
I read some funny jokes in the comments once in a while like "None of our first team aside from gigio would start for juve or inter"

Dude, you mean to tell me Theo wouldn't start for Juve or Inter? LMAO

I won't even mention anybody else (like Romagnoli wouldn't play over Bastoni!!!).
on the 4th October, 2020 at 5:19am

None would start for Juve or Inter other than Gigio?

That's a bit unfair.

Hernandez would be first-choice at both. Romagnoli would be too, or very close.

Juve's midfield is weak. Bennacer could be first-choice there.

After that, though, it'd be all Juve and Inter
on the 4th October, 2020 at 4:34am
Unfortunately, that's the reality right now. We have no money and no UCL. How are we gonna attract a more established household name? Anyway, IMHO there is no risk with acquiring Dalot for a season. If he turns out to be a flop, then just ship him back to United. If he turns out to be performing like Smailing last year with Roma, it would benefit us greatly anyway.
on the 4th October, 2020 at 3:37am
Re Covid. Fair point.

Re my No 1 issue - I would preferred one signing instead of 10 - Bale or Chiesa would've been my target.

Of all the signings we've made I am only really excited about Hauge.
on the 4th October, 2020 at 1:27am
People go to war at that age but apparently he can't be trusted to kick a football. Well he won't get to kick a football for another 5 years because he's got so many players in front of him.

Re Conti. If he's going to be permanently injured we sell him or loan or do something with him. If he's not going to be permanently injured you back him. You don't back players by signing players on top of them.

Re multiple fronts. Barcelona play on multiple fronts and don't have as big a squad.
on the 4th October, 2020 at 1:24am
@ All I may be a broken record but at least I spend my time complaining about transfers rather than actual football. I noted everyone lost it after the Rio Ave WIN and immediately started writing off the EXISTING Milan players after one performance. I prefer to support the players we have. Oh and by the end of the season I'll be the one defending these new signings whilst so called fans are calling them failures.

Re Kalulu If he's not ready we shouldn't have signed him. He's 20.
on the 4th October, 2020 at 1:21am
Another average signing - Man U fans celebrating and only regret for them is that it is only a loan. I know we don’t have much money to spend, all loans. We probably won’t even have the money to redeem tonali (if he actually turns out to be good). But need a proper striker to replace old man Ibra. We got embarrassed against the Portuguese side! Buy some quality! None of our first team aside from gigio would start for juve or inter. Sad really
on the 4th October, 2020 at 12:42am
This one has me confused if only because he's not better in defense than Calabria and Conti. In years past we suffered from not having an attacking RB that could actually cross the ball. It seems we've been trying to replace Cafu since he left, but honestly I think at the moment we need a RB who is a good defender. We already have an attacking LB who's weakness is defense. So to maintain a strong and balanced defense we need a defensive RB. This is one I'm not sure of.
on the 4th October, 2020 at 12:39am
While MH would make a valid point on every other windows, 2020 is different as we now live on uncertainty and many players could suddenly be unavailable due to the virus. Since we are fighting on 3 fronts, the squad depth is always necessary. I dont think we would have gone to get Dalot had we lost at Rio. Afterall, it is just a dry loan and we arent even obliged to give Dalot a certain numbers of minutes. Beside he can also be used as LB and Laxalt is probably leaving, so I see no problems here
on the 4th October, 2020 at 12:20am
Answering a few questions. Conti isn't leaving. He currently out again with a knee injury. Won't be moving in this window. Kalulu is currently backup to Calabria, but he virtually comes from the Lyon youth team, so he definitely isn't ready. Dalot comes to essentially be Theo's deputy on the left, as Laxalt will most likely go out on loan again. Kabak won't be joining - Schalke asking for too much. Duarte might still go before window shuts so only 3 CB's currently (Musacchio injured).
on the 3rd October, 2020 at 11:38pm
I just skip @Maldini's Heir's comments nowadays. No matter the article it's always the same broken record blah blah blah ... I don't think this guy produced anything new in the past couple of years. 
on the 3rd October, 2020 at 9:52pm
All this signings milan have made none of them can made the juve or inter bench except Tonelli because of his bright future and that's the sad part
on the 3rd October, 2020 at 9:34pm
For real are some complaining about Dalot? He's primarily a RB. Conti is constantly unfit and injured. Calabria is the only real RB we have. Kalulu is too young and is playing with the youth team. Dalot makes sense. And we don't even need to sign him outright if that option comes up. This is just a loan. FFS.
on the 3rd October, 2020 at 7:06pm
If we offload Laxalt and Conti yes, otherwise no.
on the 3rd October, 2020 at 4:50pm
Dalot having a medical now. He can play LB or RB so I think its just cover for Theo, with Calabria and Conti vying for RB. Certainly nothing to get upset about. Squad needed depth and it has some now.
on the 3rd October, 2020 at 4:39pm
It'd be a typical Serie A signing and an even more typical Milan singing - a buy that doesn't really make much sense.

What has this guy done that Conti and Calabria haven't? Is one of them leaving?

Why do Serie A sides take the lazy option and sign the leftovers from the epl so often?
on the 3rd October, 2020 at 3:41pm

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