Saturday October 3 2020
Juventus refuse to postpone for Napoli

Juventus are trying to force Napoli to forfeit tomorrow’s Serie A game 3-0, whereas the Partenopei argue they are banned from travelling due to COVID restrictions.

A battle royal is erupting around protocol, rules and regulations, immediately putting this first post-COVID Serie A season to the test.

Sunday’s evening match at the Juventus Allianz Stadium has not formally been postponed yet, even though Napoli have been banned from travelling to Turin as planned this evening.

The Lega Serie A protocol for COVID cases is the same as the UEFA rules, so if a team has 13 available players including at least one goalkeeper, then the game can go ahead.

With this in mind, Juventus released the following statement this evening.

“Juventus Football Club announces that the First Team will take to the field for the Juventus - Napoli match tomorrow at 20:45, as foreseen by the Serie A League calendar.”

This effectively means Juve have no intention of accepting a postponement and want Napoli to either attend or forfeit the match.

However, Napoli will argue that the Lega Serie A rules published also state this protocol is ‘save for action from local authorities.’

It is the ASL – local health authority – that is banning them from travelling outside the Campania region in order to prevent spreading COVID.