Thursday October 8 2020
'Genoa to Verona with the youth team'

Genoa sporting director Daniele Faggiano said the Rossoblu must travel with the youth team if they are playing against Hellas Verona on October 18.

There are still 17 players positive for coronavirus at the Grifoni and sporting director Faggiano spoke to Radio Punto Nuovo about the current situation at Genoa.

He stressed they are still waiting for a decision ahead of the match against Verona and could have to go there with the Primavera side.

“In Verona with the youth team, the health or regulations of the championship aren’t protected,” Faggiano told Radio Punto Nuovo.

“We went to Naples to play. The FIFA and UEFA rule doesn’t say that players who test negative must train and the ASL [the local health authority] blocked us and didn’t let us train.

“To make the decision to not travel to Turin we had to wait until Thursday. Napoli waited half an hour. I don’t have a problem with Napoli, but football must be the same for everyone.

“If they say yes, I’m fooled to go to play. In Naples we were not guaranteed to get the results at 11.00am on Sunday and we had swabs at 1.00 in the morning.

“We will go to Verona with the Primavera. The days are passing, and nothing has been decided. They wanted us to play in the midweek against Torino to recover, it’s incredible.

“Now there’s a list. It’s ridiculous to have lists like this in the times of COVID. Some players have not left because of COVID.

“We are not safeguarded in terms of health or matches. Put us in a bubble for four to five months, we will do anything in sacrifice. But there would have been a revolt from all if we had said it before.”