Thursday October 15 2020
Agnelli: 'The world wants Pirlo to lose'

Juventus patron Andrea Agnelli said the ‘world around’ the Old Lady are waiting for Andrea Pirlo to lose a couple of games.

The Old Lady replaced Maurizio Sarri with Pirlo as head coach at the Allianz Stadium and the President believes the club must protect the former midfielders, as the ‘world will try to hit Juventus’ at the first obstacle he meets.

“The world around us can’t wait to judge a couple of defeats,” Agnelli said at the press conference attended by Football Italia.

“What was lacking, in the specific case of Pirlo, was the absence of a pre-season and the first experience on the bench.

“This means we should accompany his initial path that will not be free of obstacles. As soon as we hit one, the world will try to hit Juve because of the choices we made.

“The composition of this staff is the first modern staff that I see, where everyone has a task and everyone moves with awareness of the role.”

About the Juventus-Napoli case, Agnelli said it’s up to the Sports Justice to decide.

“It’s a story between Napoli, the Sports Justice and the organisers of the competition. We are collateral to this situation; it doesn’t concern us."

Agnelli was asked his thoughts on possible Serie A play-offs if the Covid situation in the country gets worse.

“When one starts a game and deals the cards, you do not change the rules depending on the cards you have. A competition that starts in a way must end in the same way.

"The protocol that the Federation has given us in agreement with the Ministry of Health, Sport and the approval of the Technical Scientific Committee, if applied correctly, is enough to allow us to finish the season smoothly.”