Monday October 19 2020
Favre: 'Can't rely on Haaland too much'

Borussia Dortmund boss Lucien Favre reveals he ‘can’t rely on Erling Haaland too much’ ahead of the Germans' Champions League clash against Lazio.

"We can’t count on Haaland too much as he always played with his national team,” the French manager said in a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League clash against Lazio.

The Bundesliga giants have several players who are not yet fully fit, including Marco Reus and Łukasz Piszczek.

“Reus was stopped due to an injury, he also needs to watch himself.

"We’ll evaluate Piszczek tomorrow and draw our conclusions. Even with some absences we did well".

If the Poland International won’t be eligible to play Thomas Meunier could replace him

In Paris he never played as a defender in a five-man line and in Belgium only once".