Monday October 19 2020
Chiellini: ‘Juve must win in Kiev’

Juventus ‘always aim to win the Champions League’, says Giorgio Chiellini who warns his teammates ahead of tomorrow’s Champions League clash vs. Dynamo Kiev: 'We must win.'

"Players have changed but I don’t see big differences from the past if not a normal change of players,” the Old Lady’s defender said in the press conference on the eve of the game.

"We have not yet had the opportunity to work all together and these weeks show it, the important thing is to continue to work and to amalgamate more and more with the newcomers.

“You have to win, this is the important thing. I don’t know how long it will take to see the team at its best, but tomorrow night it will be very important to score a goal.

"We start every season with the aim to win the Champions League, we don’t care about being in the first row.

“We are aware of the changes, but there is great desire and conviction that we can aspire to great targets that only time can reveal to us.

“The important thing is to improve, grow and achieve results.

"We have pleasant memories of Ukraine for Euro 2012. We lost in the final but getting till the end was very nice and we hope we’ll have good memories after the game tomorrow.”