Tuesday October 20 2020
Higuain: 'European media was too much'

Former Napoli, Milan and Juventus forward Gonazlo Higuain said he moved away from Europe and to Inter Miami ‘with the intention of being happy again’.

Higuain ended his stay at Juventus during the summer and moved to the MLS in hope of finding a place to ‘enjoy playing’ again.

“I’ve always been curious about this League,” Higuain told CBS Sports. “I followed it closely because of my brother and other big players.

“But I wanted to come here with the intention of being happy to play again and I think Inter Miami gave me everything I needed.

“Coming here to this League gives me that feeling back. When I was a kid enjoying playing, where in Europe I think that feeling left me for many different reasons.”

Higuain said the pressure from the media in Europe tested his patience and he felt he always had ‘to prove’ why he should play.

“From a media perspective, Europe was just too much. I had to prove to them every day, game by game, what I have done all my career, and my patience was cutting short,” Higuain added.

“They don’t give you time to truly enjoy playing.”

The former Bianconeri and Napoli star was happy to be reunited with his brother Federico, who joined Inter Miami after having become a star in the MLS with DC United.

“There are many things I have never known about him due to being so far away from each other,” Gonzalo said. “We basically lost 15 years together and now we’re trying to get all that time back.”

Higuain played seven years for Real Madrid before moving to Napoli and spoke about the emotions of playing in El Clasico against Barcelona.

“It’s beautiful. The world stops,” Higuain told the broadcaster. “I played during the Messi/Ronaldo era and it was beautiful.

“Sadly, we faced the best Barcelona, but when Jose Mourinho arrived, thankfully things evened out a little bit.

“It was an electrifying game filled with so many stars. It was a privilege to play, share and experience those matches.”