Wednesday October 21 2020
Laxalt: 'Milan have weaknesses'

Diego Laxalt warns Milan: ‘Every team have weak points,’ ahead of their Europa League meeting on Thursday.

"It will be a complicated and difficult game, It will be beautiful,” Laxalt told

The Uruguay International joined Celtic on loan from Milan in the summer.

“For me it is a great opportunity. I am doing my best to help the team and my time will come. I hope I can help.”

“Every team has weaknesses,” the 27-year-old says referring to Milan.

“We have to think about us. We prepared the game following the coach. I don’t have to point out how to play the game, we have to follow him.”

“I know them, I’ve been with them, Milan are going through a very positive moment and we will have to do our best to win".

“I’m preparing it as a normal game, in a few days I will be able to reveal what my emotions were".

The Hoops lost the derby against Rangers this past weekend.

“It certainly hurts like any defeat but of course a little more.

“We have a great chance to turn the situation around. We need to be ready, positive and confident.”