Thursday October 22 2020
Giampaolo: 'Expected some Torino points'

Torino coach Marco Giampaolo ‘expected to have a few points’ after three games, but is determined to turn things around with Sassuolo. 'Time will tell.'

It kicks off on Friday at 19.45 UK time (18.45 GMT), click here for a match preview.

“Sassuolo are a strong side with a consolidated identity,” said the coach in his press conference.

“This is like going to the University of Football, so it’s a tough test for us. We must be absolutely focused on the minute details. That is where a game is decided.

“Sassuolo and Atalanta always take the game to their opponents and we want to follow a similar approach, so we need to have at least as much possession.”

Torino have lost all three Serie A matches under Giampaolo, with a fourth against Genoa postponed, so how long will it take to see his vision?

“All revolutions require sacrifice and suffering, they are by nature difficult and tortuous processes. We are working to chase a certain idea of football and we need to extend the flashes we’ve seen so far.

“I knew it would be like this before I came to Toro and I am well aware of it now too. It’s a delicate time, but we are working to improve.

“I did expect to have a few points by now, and the real regrets are against Cagliari, as it was an undeserved defeat. Points and results boost confidence, but I won’t give up. I realise the fans are anxious after no points from three games, but they must have faith and time will tell.”