Friday October 23 2020
Mancini: ‘Roma helped me’

Gianluca Mancini reveals how Roma helped and supported him back in July when his daughter was born and spent the first weeks of her life an in incubator.

“My wife had a perfect pregnancy but the baby decided to go out early,” Mancini told Sky Sport.

“It all happened very quickly, we went to the hospital at night and the next morning I had the alarm to go to the camp. Seeing my daughter in the incubator was hard.”

Mancini’s daughter Ginevra was born in Rome in July 2020.

“We were in a hospital where nurses are angels. There were never any problems, my wife gave me strength and her words moved me.

“I tried to be a husband, but I also had to be a professional because there were games to be played. I saw other dads in the same situation. They went to work at 8 in the morning until 8 at night, I could do it too. In Trigoria they helped me so much in those difficult days,” he said.

Mancini did also speak about the development of his career.

“I started playing football in the team of my hometown, my father did not want initially.

“A coach invited me for a trial, they saw me playing and I went to Florence, where I played in the youth sector [of Fiorentina]. Then I moved to Perugia, with sacrifice you can achieve the results.

“Family is important for every player, my parents never put pressure on me and made me have fun.

“I have a strange thought about football, you can create links but they hardly continue. With [Leonardo] Spinazzola, we would have been friends even if we had met off the pitch. I grew up in a very small town, going to play in big cities made me grow up quickly.

“I don’t want to be treated differently, my friends treat me as they did before. We never talk about football, we talk about family and everyday things.”

The 24-year-old also described his feelings in the first derby of Rome he played last season.

“It was a unique emotion, I was used to watching these games on TV. The emotions were a thousand, it was very nice.

The former Atalanta man has now doubts about his future.

“I am 24 and and I have a lot to learn both on a human and football level. I want to improve and get to be remembered as a good person and a good footballer.”