Saturday October 24 2020
Insigne brothers battle for supremacy

Antonio Insigne, older brother of both Napoli captain Lorenzo and Benevento forward Roberto, jokes he’s the ‘real talent in the family!’

There are four Insigne brothers and all of them play football at various levels, but two of them will go head-to-head on Sunday when Napoli visit Benevento in Serie A.

“I am three years older than Lorenzo and six older than Roberto. Both of them only really started to gain interest in football after watching me,” Antonio Insigne told Il Mattino newspaper.

“Lorenzo came to all my games growing up. However, we then took different paths, as I am in the amateur leagues, while they are in Serie A. It’s an honour for me to have two brothers in the top flight who are having such wonderful careers. That’s rare for a family to have two in different Serie A clubs.

“Having said that, obviously I am the real talent in the family! I always tell them that!” he laughed.