Monday October 26 2020
R. Insigne: 'Napoli didn't believe in me'

Benevento forward Roberto Insigne said it was ‘an immense joy to score’ against the Napoli side ‘who didn’t believe in me’.

Roberto and Lorenzo Insigne grabbed one each as the latter scored for Napoli, who ran out 2-1 winners against the newly promoted side.

“It’s an immense joy to score against Napoli,” Insigne told Otto Channel. “But I’m sorry to have scored against my brother.

“I’m also sorry about the final result. It’s normal that my brother would applaud me, we love each other and I’m happy that he scored too.

“It’s a shame about the defeat because we played well against a great team like Napoli. In Rome we played with quality too, but you have to defend well against the great teams.

“I’m happy to have scored a goal against the club I grew up in and that no longer believed in me.”

Insigne wants to repay Benevento for the ‘trust’ they have shown in him but knows the Streghe must improve.

“I arrived in Benevento, where they always believed in me and I always work to return the trust from my club.

“We need to improve off the ball, but in the end, we only lost 2-1 to Napoli, not 5-1.”

Insigne explained his celebration and stressed it wasn’t aimed at provoking the Neapolitans.

“I want to clarify that it was liberating, it’s the first time I play in Serie A and that I score against Napoli,” he said. “To say: ‘I’m here too’.

“It wasn’t a celebration against Napoli and the Neapolitans. I’m a Neapolitan myself and I also said I was sorry to score against my brother. A few tears came out too.

“I’m obviously overjoyed and very excited, just too bad for the defeat.”