Monday October 26 2020
FIGC asks the government for compensation

The FIGC has sent a letter to the Italian Government asking for ‘compensation or at least suspension of payments’ for football clubs in the new decree.

The Federcalcio has asked the government to provide ‘adequate forms of compensation’ for football clubs in the new ‘urgent law provision being prepared for the compensation of the sectors affected by the decree’.

The Government issued new lockdown measures yesterday, including a block on all amateur sport, gyms, theatres, cinemas, and an order to play all matches behind closed doors rather than with 1,000 people attending.

“Our football system has always marked the priority of safeguarding health protection for all the activities carried out in these very difficult months characterised by the epidemiological emergency of COVID-19,” the letter reads, according to Sky Sport Italia.

“However, we feel the need to highlight how compliance with the containment and management measures of the epidemiological emergency of COVID-19, although understandably imposed by the Government Authority, is causing very significant economic damage to professional football clubs, who risk a real and proper financial default (relating to the the damage represented by the loss of revenues related to the sale of tickets, the so-called ‘box office damage’, which from the official data relating to the quarter August to October 2018 amounted to €84.4m for Serie A and which is expected to estimate at €360m and €260m from missed partnerships).

“A world on the other hand, which, beyond its non-negligible social value, contributes significantly to the country’s economic system.

“In this regard, it should be considered that, according to official MEF data, the personal income tax contribution of professional sports clubs in 2018 was €710.7m, of which €623.1m came from Serie A, €64.6m from Serie B and €23m from Serie C.

“These are the reasons that force us to ask to provide that in the urgent law provision being prepared for the compensation of the sectors affected by the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers from October 24, 2020, there are adequate forms of compensation (at least in terms of suspension of payments due from here to the end of the emergency period) also for professional football clubs at serious risk of survival, also due to the lack of ‘box office revenues’, and which remain once again affected by limitations provided for in the decree.”