Monday October 26 2020
Dal Pino: ‘System close to collapsing’

Lega Serie A President Paolo Dal Pino warns the Italian Government ‘the system is close to collapsing’ after Italy’s PM Giuseppe Conte announced a new set of rules that aim to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in the country.

"I hope the government understands the value of football as an industry, beyond any superficial demagogy,” Dal Pino told reporters after an institutional meeting in Rome.

“We are very concerned, we are close to collapsing and I fear that the country’s economy will pay dearly for the restrictive measures that have been put in place.”

Since today, bars and restaurants in the entire country will have to close at 6pm while fitness centers and gyms will remain shut until the 24th of November.

Professional sports can go ahead but behind closed doors, which means without the 1000 fans that had been attending games at the stadiums over the last month.

“Health comes first but it is important to do the right things, planning in the medium and long term and think about the consequences on employment,” Dal Pino continued.

“The side effects of the recent measures affect many sectors, including our own, which lost €600m in 2020 due to the closure of stadiums.

“We expect attention and sensitivity from the government. The Prime Minister has clearly said that the sectors affected by forced closures will have an economic aid and we expect that an industry like ours, which pays more than €1 billion in taxes every year, will receive what was announced.”