Monday October 26 2020
Kjaer: ‘feels' Milan responsibility

Milan defender Simon Kjaer ‘feels a responsibility’ at Milan and suggests his compatriot Christian Eriksen should ‘play in his position.'

The Danish centre-back is one of the most experienced players in the Rossoneri dressing room and he is feeling the responsibility for it.

"I really do and I think my experience is one of the reasons why Milan signed me,” he told Sky Sport after Milan-Roma.

“The day I won’t have fun anymore I’ll stop playing football. I love this sport, it’s always been a dream for me to come to Milan.

“We are growing, but it is important to remember where we started, it takes little time to go back there.

“We improved as a team, too bad we didn’t win tonight.

“When you win games confidence comes in slowly. We have improved and the team continues to grow. The coach has done a great job, we keep raising the bar."

Kjaer was also asked about his compatriot Christian Eriksen who is settling himself at Inter.

“I’m talking to him. Christian is a player I know very well and he is the strongest in the world in his role. He should play in his position but I’m not the one putting him onto the pitch.”